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Meeting; Luc Triangle - Deputy General Secretary at IndustriAll ETU with the Romanian federations, affiliated IndustriAll, 7 nov 2012
Participants: Presidents of the 14 Romanian Trade Union Federations affiliated to industriAll ETU
  1. Luc Triangle – Presentation of the new European Organization: industriAll ETU:
    1. Statutes;
    2. Leading Bodies;
    3. Regions;
    4. Organization.
  2. Luc Triangle – Discussions and renewal of the contact details for the 14 Romanian Trade Union Organizations affiliated to industriAll ETU.
  3. For a better connection and representation between Romanian Affiliates and industriAll ETU it’s necessary to nominate a Coordinator for Romania.
  4. Liviu Luca – Presentation upon an easy way for communication by building up by S.N. PETROM-ENERGIE of a regional website for all the Trade Union Organizations in SEE Countries that are affiliated to industriAll ETU.

The 14 Romanian affiliates proposed and voted upon Liviu LUCA’s nomination as Coordinator (S.N. PETROM-ENERGIE)


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