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The first meeting of the Steering Group for South-East of ETU IndustriAll, 8 nov 2012
Participants: Corinna Zierold - Assistant to Deputy General Secretary at IndustriAll ETU
Liviu Luca - Member of Steering Committee IndustriAll ETU
Vedran Dragicevic - Member of Steering Committee IndustriAll ETU
Vasil Yanachkov - Member of Steering Committee IndustriAll ETU
Elizabeta Gelevska - Deputy Member of Steering Committee IndustriAll ETU
Gheorghe Sora - Deputy Member of Steering Committee IndustriAll ETU
Diana Petrova - International Department of Trade Union "Metalicy" - CITUB
Gabriel Stanescu - Departament International S.N. "Petrom Energie"
  1. Introduction into the new organization/recent activities.
  2. Functioning of the IndustriAll - ETU SEE Region
    1. Contents and structures of the annual meetings.
    2. Setting up a progress reporting system.
    3. Organizational issue/coordination of steering group meetings.
  3. Discussion of proposal made by steering group members ( discussion of the items introduced by the steering group members - see below )

Items introduced by SMH-IS Croatia - Mr. Vedran Dragicevic

  1. To work out/to create a table or a scheme with these data :
    1. a number of members
    2. an average wage/salary
    3. importantproblems
    4. corruption
    5. privatizations
    6. restructuring
    7. views of the government.
  2. To work out / To make a presentation by sectors metal,chemical and textile industrie in every country, member of IndustriALL-ETU SEE Region, for the next meeting.

Items introduced by Trade Union of Textile , Leather and Shoe Making Industry of Macedonia- Mrs. Elizabeta Gelevska

  1. Collective Agreements
  2. Average wages
  3. Working conditions
  4. OHS
  5. Current problems.

There are no current meetings.

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