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industriAll European Trade Union SEE Region Steering Group Meeting

08 nov 2012

The first meeting of the SEE Region Steering Group was organized and hosted by PETROM-ENERGIE in Bucharest Romania on 8 November 2012. The major purpose of this first meeting was to define the work structure of the steering group and to agree on procedures for the next steps in order to work efficiently within the region.

In the regional meeting of the 3 founding federations of industriAll Europe on 29 March 2012 in Zagreb they had already agreed that the appointed members of the steering group have to take over leadership for the trade unions that are affiliated to indusriAll Europe in the SEE region. The specific tasks will be the coordination and the preparation of the work and the concrete positioning of the SEE region in the political bodies of industriAll Europe.


  1. The steering group members decided on the appointment of responsibilities and about the nomination periods:
    1. 2013 ? PETROM will be responsible for the general coordination of the steering group and will host the annual regional meeting
    2. 2014 ? Metalicy will be responsible for the general coordination of the steering group and will host the annual regional meeting.
    3. 2015 ? SMH-IS will be responsible for the general coordination of the steering group and will host the annual regional meeting.
  2. The contact list that was coordinated by the industriAll secretariat is incomplete and needs to be updated. It was agreed that PETROM will collect the updated contact details for Romania, Metalicy for Bulgaria and SMH-IS in coorperation with the Trade Union of Textile, Leather and Shoe making Industry of Macedonia for the countries of Ex-Yugoslavia and Albania. The updated lists will be collected by PETROM by the end of November 2012 and - after verification by the industriAll Europe secretariat - distributed to all of the members in the SEE region.
  3. In early December 2012 PETROM shall sent out a letter to the SEE affiliates including the conclusions of the Steering Group meeting and the introduction of the next steps for the regional work e-mail (in RO, EN, BG, HR).
  4. The draft questionnaire for the progress reporting that was proposed by SMH-IS needs to be updated. The members of the steering group are asked to send their amendments to Vedran Dragicevic (SMH-IS) after this meeting (in November/early December 2012). SMH-IS is going to consult the other members on the modified draft and the final version shall be ready for distribution in early January 2013. PETROM (as coordinator in the SEE region in 2013) will forward the questionnaire to the affiliates in the SEE region in early January. The deadline for replies shall be end of February 2013 and is going to collect the replies. The replies will be forwarded to SMH-IS that will prepare a summary of the results for the discussion in the next steering group meeting.
  5. The steering group shall meet quarterly and will meet again in the end of March 2013 in order to prepare the first annual SEE Region Meeting. Metalicy will host the meeting in Sofia in March 2013 and will consult the other steering group members on the concrete date.
  6. The first General SEE Region Meeting is going to take place in June 2013 in Bucharest and will be organized and hosted by PETROM. In the meeting the leaders of the trade unions in that region shall gather, i.e. 45 trade unions in the region (one representative per union) + the representatives of the industriAll Europe secretariat = 50-55 people. Every union has to finance their own travel costs. The costs for the meeting room, interpretation, equipment and material, accommodation and meals is to be covered by the hosting organizations (funding possibilities shall be explored individually).
  7. PETROM-ENERGI suggested setting up a website for the industriAll Europe SEE region in order to have all relevant information on activities and developments at hand, ideally on all of the relevant languages (i.e. BG, HR, RO and EN). This website could accumulate the information for each country and sector, thus allowing the SEE trade unions to be informed all the time. PETROM will draft a concrete proposal.

Future industriAll Europe activities in the SEE region

industriAll Europe will co-organize a project with the training center of the ILO exclusively for industriAll sectors. One seminar is going to be organized for the SEE region in Zagreb in the end of May 2013. The general subject will be Social Dialogue, however, industriAll shall determine the key problems to be addressed. The steering group is invited to make concrete proposals for items to be discussed. One item that was already announced is the problem of precarious work arrangements.

The FES offered industriAll Europe to organize a conference in industrial policy in the SEE region. The secretariat will have internal discussions on the possible subjects/structures. More information on this will follow soon.

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