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IndustriAll Europe - ILO Project kicks off with cross-regional workshop

13 feb 2013

On 18 February industriAll Europe and ILO will kick off their joint project on "Strengthening sectoral social dialogue in New Member States and Candidate Countries of the European Union in industriAll sectors" with a one-week seminar on "Training of Trainers". The seminar will involve 25 unions from 14 countries and aims at enabling trade union trainers to train other trade union officers on national level with respect to subjects like national and European Social Dialogue, negotiating with Employers, resolving Conflicts, European Works Councils and the future of regional and European trade unionism.

industriAll Europe is glad to see that almost 40 participants registered from all of the target countries and all of the industriAll Europe sectors. The programme of the Training-of-Trainers seminar is available [here].

A comprehensive Manual for Trade Union Education has been elaborated by the ILO and is available online [EN], [HR], [HU], [PL], [RO].

This manual on Social Dialogue is designed for trade union trainers responsible for organising courses at the sectoral and/or national level. A particular focus is put on the Central and Eastern European Countries (CEECs), both EU New Member States and Candidate Countries, and thus the specific conditions and needs trade unionists from these countries face when it comes to strengthening Social Dialogue. The manual comprises seven short training modules, each dealing with a specific issue. In Modules 1-4, training focuses on enabling trade unionists to gain a better understanding of the different aspects and levels of Social Dialogue. These modules cover a basic introduction to Social Dialogue, some more detailed explanation of the national and European level processes, as well as a presentation of European Works Councils as one specific instrument of company-based transnational dialogue. Modules 5 and 6 focus on skills training. They address the specific Social Dialogue competences of conflict resolution and negotiation skills. Module 7 deals with gender mainstreaming - a crucial, transversal topic in all Social Dialogue processes. The Manual is developed in English language, and translated and published in Polish, Romanian, Croatian and Hungarian. Translations in Slovenian, Czech, Lithuanian and Bulgarian will be available soon.

The project will continue with four regional and thematic workshops. Those will be held in Croatia for industriAll affiliates in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Republika Srpska and Serbia (1 to 3 June 2013), in Latvia for industriAll affiliates in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania (27 to 29 August 2013), in the Czech Republic for industriAll affiliates in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Slovenia (16 to 18 September 2013) and in Turkey in Turkey for all of the industriAll affiliates in Turkey (18 to 20 September 2013 tbc.). Subjects will include the freedom of association, wage policies, workers’ rights in multinational companies and many more.

The final conference is planned to take place from 5 to 7 November 2013 (place to be confirmed) and will involve again all of the participating unions in order to round up the project activities and draw conclusions.

“The focus on the industriAll European regions is of key-importance to our work”, states Deputy General Secretary Luc Triangle. “We assist our affiliates with this and other projects in building up trade union capacities, helping them in constructing viable Social Dialogue structures and increasing competences in key trade union fields of activity.”

Published 7 years ago



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